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Showing 1–16 of 119 results

  • Crosman Ratcatcher 2240


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    The Crosman 2240 Rat Catcher CO2 Air Pistol, is ideal for pest control pistol with a power output of 5Ft, Lbs. The bolt action is positive, with a predictable trigger action, accuracy is good up to 15 metres. Bristol Airguns opinion is it’s a reliable inexpensive workhorse pistol that won’t let you down. Available in…

  • SMK Victory CP2 – Black


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    Imported by SMK, the Victory CP2 is a CO2 airgun combo that can be can be converted simply from a pistol into a rifle, by adding a stock and the additional barrel all supplied in a handy box. What is included: • Victory CP2 Air Pistol • Single shot tray • 2x Multi-Shot Magazines •…

  • SMK Victory CR600W


    In stock

    Distributed by SMK, the Victory CR600W is an ideal rifle for a beginner and is available in .177 and .22 calibre.
    Suitable for target practice .in .177 and for small vermin control in .22 calibre.
    This rifle is lightweight weighing only 2.14kg, so it is perfect as a junior rifle. The bolt action is simple to use, so cocking and shooting the rifle is straight forward.
    Powered by one 12gram CO2 cylinder, the velocity is 8ft.lbs.
    Fitted with a wood stock and open sights, not to mention the multi-shot magazine, with a single shot tray and a silencer that is supplied as standard.
    Bristol Airguns opinion – This is a brilliant beginner rifle for the young and old and one of our top choices in CO2.
    Scope not included.

  • Weihrauch HW99 S


    In stock

    Supplied Through Hull Cartridge, the Weihrauch HW99S is a spring-powered air rifle and is currently available in .177 & .22 calibre. The HW99S is an entry level air rifle which has been around for many years and is aimed at the novice shooter due to its simplicity. Designed to suit the whole family as this…

  • Walther Rotex RM8 – Varmint UC


    In stock

    Manufactured by Walter, Germany the range of Rotex RM8 Pre Charge (PCP) air rifles are incredible value for money. The action and barrel are exactly the same specification (with the exception of the Carbon Fibre model) and are available in .177 & .22 Calibre. The RM8 Varmint UC (Ultra Compact) is fitted with a rugged…

  • Gamo Swarm Speedster Gen 2 – Multishot – Black


    In stock

      Just arrived in stock is the new Gamo Swarm Speedster 10X Gen 2 which is available in .177 & .22 Calibres with scope. It has a lightweight synthetic stock with textured grips complete with stippled black grip inserts and soft feel cheek piece, the barrel is wrapped in the Whisper silencer ensuring quiet shots….

  • Kral Arms Puncher NP02 – Walnut


    In stock

    The very popular Kral Arms NP02 Pre-Charged (PCP) air rifle, available in .177 & .22 calibre. This is a carbine-style rifle with a barrel length of 32 cm, so would lend itself to vermin control as it is small and compact. The stock is made from Turkish Walnut, with stippling for grip, it is lightweight…

  • Remington Tyrant – .22 – With 4 x 32 Scope


    2 in stock

      If you’re looking for a powerful and accurate air rifle, the Remington Tyrant is an exceptional target and vermin control Rifle and is available in .22 Calibre. Supplied with a 4 x 32 scope with mounts, this rifle is a straight-out-of-the-box, easy-to-use Rifle. This break-barrel, single-shot rifle delivers around 11 Ft Lbs. The primary…

  • Crosman RatCatcher 2250XL – With Scope


    1 in stock .

    The Crosman 2250XL RatCatcher CO2 Air Rifle is the high powered version of the well-known Crosman RatCatcher Pistol. The design is much the same as the pistol, apart from the polymer light weight skeletal stock and the extended barrel with a 3/8 UNF adaptor, so a silencer can be added. The bolt action is positive,…

  • Artemis PP700SA


    In stock

    The Artemis PP700SA (also known as the Zasdar), is an exceptional single shoot PCP pistol. 

    In .177 Calibre, this pistol is an excellent target pistol, as this model is fitted with open sights.  In .22 Calibre, it is excellent for vermin control, as it can be fitted with a skeleton shoulder stock for extra stability.

    A moderator adaptor can also be fitted, so a UNF silencer can be added, which vastly reduces noise.  A scope can be added to the weaver rail for distance.

    The pellets are loaded directly into the barrel at the rear after the hammer has been cocked and the access door rotated to one side the pellet is propelled from the steel rifled barrel at power levels up to 5.5 ft. lbs.

    This direct barrel loading helps to ensure accuracy as less air is wasted, and the trigger and hammer system is very easy to use and allows crisp and clean let off for each shot taken. Bristol Airguns opinion, an exceptional air pistol, worth every penny.  

    Please note: This pistol comes supplied with the fill adaptor, but to connect it to a 1/8th hose, you will also require a quick fill connector socket (listed under accessories above), if you do not already have one.

  • Walther Rotex RM8 – Varmint


    In stock

    Manufactured by Walter, Germany the range of Rotex RM8 Pre-Charge (PCP) air rifles are incredible value for money. The action and barrel are exactly the same specification (with the exception of the Carbon Fibre model) and are available in .177 & .22 Calibre.  The RM8 Varmint is fitted with a rugged synthetic thumbhole stock with stippling for…

  • Umarex M2 Air Rifle Empire Kit


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    Made by Umarex, the Hammerli Empire Kit an 8-shot bolt action magazine system and is available in in .177 & .22 calibres and is the replacement for the 850 Air Magnum. Constructed from polymer hard-wearing black tactical stock, it is supplied with three Picatinny rails (for attaching lasers and torches) and removable cheek piece. It…

  • Gamo GX-250 With 3-9 x 40 Scope & Silencer


    In stock

    The GX-250 is a brand-new model from Gamo. Made on UK shores, Gamo has updated the GX-40 by adding a longer air reservoir from the Coyote model, increasing the shot capacity. Included: 1 x Gamo GX-250 PCP Rifle 1x 3-9 X 40 Gamo Scope 1 x Gamo Silencer 1x Fill Probe 1x Dovetail Mounts Bristol…

  • BSA Lightning GRT XL


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    The BSA Lightning XL GRT SE is a hard-wearing, superbly accurate, value-for-money gas ram air rifle, is available in .177 & .22 Calibre and certainly packs a punch at just over 11 ft. Lbs. Most traditional airguns use a spring-and-piston system to provide the air source, this rifle utilises a gas ram system which is…

  • Weihrauch HW45


    In stock

    The Weihrauch HW45 Standard model is finished in a Gun Metal with chequered wood hand grips. Available in .177 & .22 calibre, this is an exceptional pistol for pest control as well as a target pistol. All options are fitted with fibre optic inserts built into the foresight and adjustable rear sights that glow brightly,…

  • Remington Pest Controller – .22


    3 in stock

      If you’re looking for a powerful and accurate air rifle to deal with pests in your garden, you might want to check out the Remington Pest Controller. The Remington Pest Controller is a spring-powered break barrel air rifle that delivers up to 12 ft/lbs of energy. The primary use for this air rifle is…

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