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General  licencing
Just to put your mind at rest regarding the temporary ban on shooting winged vermin. This includes Magpie, Wood pigeon along with the 13 other species of bird. This is a temporary ban and new licenses will be issued by the end of May 2019. You will need to apply for a license if you need to control any of the other 15 species, you can apply on more information concerning this please visit the BASC Website. They have all the adequate information in regarding individual licensing along with the full list of the 15 other bird species and periodic dates that the li..
The Sig Sauer MCX Virtus .22 Calibre PCP Air Rifle
The Sig Sauer MCX Virtus .22 Calibre PCP Air Rifle is the latest expansion to the line of Sig Sauer Air Rifles.Based on the Virtus centre fire assault rifle, this PCP version brags, 750 FPS (based on a .22, 14gr pellet), which is around 11ft, lbs and it is a regulated.The magazines capacity is 30, .22 calibre pellets, with a shot count of 200 per tank fill, the feel, weight (I have held the prototype) and construction is impressive.This rifle packs a punch with it almost doubling its velocity of its previous MCX CO2 model. Using, Sig Sauer’s own patented rapid fire pellet magazine technol..