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    Pard NV008S LRF Day/Night Vision Digital Scope


    The Pard NV008S LRF (includes a Laser Range Finder) is amongst the most affordable night vision riflescopes on the market and looks set to be just as popular as the model it’s taking over from the NV008P. With the 008P winning the night vision product of the year for 2021 this model is set to…

  • Pard NV007A Night Vision Rear Add On Scope


    The Pard NV007A is a night vision scope that is fixed to the rear of your existing scope, thus utilising your scope optics, there is no need to refit your existing scope as the soft eyepiece sits comfortably against your eye. The NV007A is extremely versatile as it is attached via a simple collar that…

  • PAO LumenMAX 900 IR Hunting Lamp System With Filters


    Available in June 2020 the PAO Lumen MAX 900 IR Hunting Lamp is a light weight complete hunting lamp kit, which includes, fixings, long life rechargeable battery, USB charger lead, red, green filters, and a remote pressure switch. Can also be used a conventional 900 Lumen torch with a range up to 500 metres. Supplied…

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