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  • SMK Victory PR900W – Wood


    Manufactured by Snowpeak, this Victory PR900 Gen 2 is a regulated PCP rifle, available in .177 & .22 calibre. Fitted with a wood stock and open sights, it comes supplied with a single shot tray and a multi-shot magazine. This new updated model is now fitted with a regulator as standard with a silencer. The…

  • Artemis PP700SA – Package


    The Artemis PP700SA (also known as the Zasdar), is an exceptional single shoot PCP pistol. 

    In .177 Calibre, this pistol is an excellent target pistol, as this model is fitted with open sights.  In .22 Calibre, it is excellent for vermin control, as it can be fitted with a skeleton shoulder stock for extra stability.

    A moderator adaptor can also be fitted, so a UNF silencer can be added, which vastly reduces noise.  A scope can be added to the weaver rail for distance.

    The pellets are loaded directly into the barrel at the rear after the hammer has been cocked and the access door rotated to one side the pellet is propelled from the steel rifled barrel at power levels up to 5.5 ft. lbs.

    This direct barrel loading helps to ensure accuracy as less air is wasted, and the trigger and hammer system is very easy to use and allows crisp and clean let off for each shot taken. Bristol Airguns opinion, an exceptional air pistol, worth every penny.  

    Please note: This pistol comes supplied with the fill adaptor, but to connect it to a 1/8th hose, you will also require a quick fill connector socket (listed under accessories above), if you do not already have one.

  • Gamo Whisper Sting – Package


    This is new Edgar Brothers Hatsan Breaker 900X which is available in .177 & .22 Calibre.
    Crafted from an ambidextrous solid Beachwood stock, the Breaker 900x has a two stage trigger with an automatic safety, fibre optic open sights and a groove dovetail rail for scopes.
    Velocity is around 11.4 ft. lbs, making it ideal for both target shooting and vermin control.
    Bristol Airguns opinion – A well-constructed air rifle, the fibre optic open sights certainly give it the edge and it has a silencer fitted as standard.

  • Gamo GX-40 – Package


    We have taken the hassle of choosing a rifle by introducing the excellent Gamo GX40 PCP air rifle and then supercharging it by throwing a little extra quality by including a Hawke 3-9 x 40 AO Scope and a Kral Silencer, plus all the extras below. Built for you by us, this package’s contents are: 1…

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