Weihrauch HW40 Pneumatic Target Pistol




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The HW40 is an entry-level target, 10-metre and club shooting pistol, available only in .177 calibre.

Ideal as a beginner pistol, its adjustable rear sights and ergonomic polymer grip to accommodate both right and left-handed shooters, ensuring comfort and control.

This is a single-stroke, over-lever mechanism match-grade target pneumatic air pistol that offers unparalleled Weihrauch precision and reliability.


Precision Compressed Air (PCA) System: The Weihrauch HW40 PCA boasts a Precision Compressed Air system, where the cocking stroke compresses air before each shot. This unique system contributes to near-recoilless performance and consistent velocity.

Single-Stroke Pneumatic Design: The single-stroke pneumatic mechanism enhances ease of use and eliminates the need for multiple pumps. It provides a self-contained power source for efficient and reliable shooting.

Durable Construction: Despite its affordable pricing, the HW40 PCA maintains Weihrauch’s commitment to quality. Featuring modern ballistic polymer, the air pistol is robust, lightweight, and exhibits a satisfying weight in hand.

Two-Stage Adjustable Trigger: The air pistol has a two-stage trigger, offering a comfortable and responsive shooting experience. The trigger mechanism is adjustable to cater to individual preferences.

Fibre-Optic Sights: The HW40 PCA has fibre-optic sights, including a clear red-element front sight and a green rear sight. These sights enhance visibility and aid in precise targeting.

Safety: Automatic safety catch adds an extra layer of precaution during use, contributing to overall safety.

Easy Cocking Mechanism: The cocking process involves pulling back a dummy silver hammer, lifting and drawing back the top section, and fully opening the action. This action efficiently compresses air, ensuring consistent performance.

Adjustable Rear Sight: The fibre-optic rear sight is fully adjustable, allowing users to customize their aiming preferences. This feature contributes to improved accuracy during shooting sessions.

Consistent Velocity: Single-stroke pneumatics are known for their consistent velocity, and the HW40 PCA lives up to this reputation.

Muzzle Velocity: 2.8 ft, lbs.

Additional information

Weight 0.771 kg
Dimensions 24 mm


Muzzle Velocity

<3 ft lbs



Power Source

Single-Stoke Pneumatic



Top Rail




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