Walther LP500 Walnut

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Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this pistol embodies Walther’s commitment to excellence. Its match barrel, enhanced with an aluminium jacket and compensator, ensures unparalleled accuracy. Equipped with the innovative X-Change trigger unit featuring the renowned M-trigger, every shot is crisp and controlled. The ergonomic design, including the master trigger blade and regular 3D grip, offers comfort and stability for prolonged shooting sessions. The pistol also comes equipped with adjustable sights and a durable aluminium cylinder.

Please Note: All Walther pistols are sold as standard with a medium, right-handed grip (other sizes and orientations are available upon request).


Match Barrel with Aluminium Jacket & Compensator: High-quality barrel for precision shooting with added stability.

X-CHANGE Trigger Unit with M-Trigger: Innovative trigger system for crisp, controlled shooting.

MASTER Trigger Blade: Enhanced ergonomics and consistent trigger performance.

Dry Firing Mode: Allows practice without ammunition for skill refinement.

SADDLE Breech: Ensures reliable pellet loading for smooth shooting.

Aluminium Cylinder: Durable construction for consistent power and reliability.

Regular 3D Grip, Moulded Right-Handed, Size M: Comfortable and secure grip for right-handed shooters.

Variable Sight Radius with Adjustable Rear Sight: Customisable sight picture for precise aiming.

Variable Rear Sight Cut-Out: Flexibility in sight configurations for individual preferences.

Front Sight with Three Widths: Adjustable front sight for precise target acquisition.

Gun Case: Sturdy case for safe storage and transportation of the pistol.


Original price was: £1,484.95.Current price is: £1,249.95.

Available by Inquiry – Call 0333 350 096



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