Umarex UX BlaMer CO2 Pistol




Blowback (3)
Fibre Optic
Safety (1)
Picatinny Rail
Pistol Grip (1)


The UX BlaMer by Umarex seamlessly blends the classic 1911 design with modern features for an enduring recreational pistol. Its iconic military pistol characteristics include a distinctive appearance, a large beavertail with integrated safety, and a manual thumb safety.

The lightweight polymer construction ensures extended use without fatigue, while the blowback mechanism delivers realistic recoil. The fibre optic front sight enhances accuracy. Visually appealing with a commander-style hammer, skeleton trigger, and Picatinny rail, the UX BlaMer strikes a balance between timeless aesthetics and tactical functionality. .


Classic 1911 Design: The UX BlaMer embodies the timeless aesthetics of the iconic 1911 military pistol, featuring a distinctive look and feel.

Beavertail and Safety: The pistol includes a large beavertail with an integrated safety mechanism, combining traditional design with modern safety features.

Polymer Construction: Crafted with a lightweight polymer frame, the UX BlaMer allows for extended use without causing fatigue, ideal for recreational shooting.

Realistic Blowback: The blowback mechanism provides a lifelike recoil experience, enhancing the realism of shooting sessions.

Fibre Optic Front Sight: Equipped with a fibre optic front sight, the pistol ensures clear and precise aiming for improved accuracy.

Commander-Style Hammer: The inclusion of a commander-style hammer contributes to the pistol’s aesthetic appeal and functional design.

Skeleton Trigger: Featuring a skeleton trigger, the UX BlaMer offers enhanced control and responsiveness during shooting.


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Weight .635 kg
Dimensions 20.5 mm
SKU 5.8439


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