Hill MK5 Pro PCP Pump – With Dry Air Pack System





The Hill MK5 Pro Pump, designed for PCP airguns, features a robust, nickel-plated finish and advanced internal enhancements for reliable performance. It achieves up to 310 BAR / 4500 PSI effortlessly, while its patented Dry-Pac System removes 90% of moisture, ensuring clean, dry air. Maintenance is simplified, enhancing overall durability.


Patented Hill Dry-Pac System: This system removes around 90% of moisture from the air, ensuring that the air pumped into your airgun is dry and clean, which can enhance the gun’s longevity and performance.

Ease of Use: The pump is approximately 20% easier to operate compared to previous models, which simplifies the air charging process for users.

Operational Efficiency: The easier pumping action reduces user fatigue, enabling more frequent and prolonged use without discomfort.

Quick and Easy Servicing: The new design allows for faster and easier maintenance than earlier models, reducing downtime and simplifying upkeep.

Premium Nickel Plated Finish: Offers a durable and corrosion-resistant exterior that also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the pump.

Hose with 1/8″ BSP Connection: The included hose fits standard BSP 1/8″ connections, making it compatible with a wide range of airguns and accessories.

Increased Lifespan: The improvements in design, such as ease of maintenance and the moisture removal system, contribute to an extended lifespan of both the pump and the airguns it services.

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Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 630 × 165 × 80 mm
SKU 5128-555


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    Hill Dry Pac Refill Pack


    HILL DRY PAC REFILL PACK For all Hill PCP Air Pumps with Dry-Pac System fitted. One sachet of Dry-Pac medium for complete refill of Dry-Pac cartridge. For optimum performance, the Dry-Pac should be renewed every 3-6 months depending upon usage. The Dry-Pac medium is vacuum packed and can be stored indefinitely providing the vacuum remains […]


    Quick Coupler Starter Kit


    Quick Coupler Starter Kit. A complete PCP kit to get you started fits onto 300 Barr hose assembly. Supplied with: 1x Quick Fill Adaptor. 2x Quick Coupler plugs with washers. 1x Stainless Steel Pressure Test Dust Plug.


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