Crosman RatCatcher 2250XL C02 Air Rifle With Scope




22 (1)
#2A3439 (9)
Bolt Action (1)
Dovetail Mount
Safety (1)
Rifled Barrell
Scope included
Single Action (2)
#2A3439 (20)
Synthetic (1)


The Crosman 2250XL retains the classic DNA of the original 2250B ‘Ratcatcher,’ with a significant evolution in design and performance since its UK debut in 1999. Notably, the XL features an extended barrel for improved accuracy and a steel breech block with an integrated 11mm scope rail, eliminating the need for additional mounts.

Its ambidextrous and pointable design, with a short fore end, makes it an exceptional short-range hunting rifle, ideal for rat shooting. The CO2-powered 2250XL, delivering around 25 shots at 9 ft/lbs in .22 caliber, ensures a lightweight and recoilless shooting experience. Equipped with a Center-Point 4 x 32 scope, the 2250XL offers fast action and accuracy, making it a worthwhile investment.

Experience the enduring charm and practicality of the Crosman 2250XL, a versatile and reliable addition to any gun cabinet.


Extended Barrel: The 2250XL boasts an extended barrel, a significant upgrade from the original, enhancing accuracy for more precise and effective shooting.

Steel Breech Block: Featuring a steel breech block, the 2250XL ensures durability and stability, with an integrated 11mm scope rail for seamless scope attachment without additional mounts.

Ambidextrous Design: Built with an ambidextrous and pointable design, the 2250XL caters to both left and right-handed shooters, offering comfort and flexibility in handling.

Short Fore End: The short fore end contributes to the rifle’s pointability, making it exceptionally well-suited for short-range hunting scenarios, particularly ideal for rat shooting.

CO2 Power: Operating on CO2, the 2250XL maintains a lightweight and recoilless shooting experience, providing around 25 shots at 9 ft/lbs in .22 caliber for consistent and efficient use.

Center-Point 4 x 32 Scope: Equipped with a Center-Point 4 x 32 scope, the rifle ensures fast action and improved accuracy, enhancing overall shooting performance.

Versatility: The 2250XL is designed for versatility, suitable for various applications, from short-range hunting to recreational shooting, making it a reliable addition to any gun cabinet.


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