What & Where Can I Shoot?

With an airgun, there are two primary types of shooting: target shooting and live quarry shooting, often used for pest control.

Target Shooting

Air rifle target shooting is a rapidly growing sport in the UK. Numerous clubs across the country welcome both novice and experienced shooters, offering a range of shooting opportunities.

We recommend booking a lane at our 100 metre range at Bristol Activity Centre to develop and hone your skills.

Target Shooting At Home

If you follow safety rules and act sensibly, you can even practice airgunning at home using appropriate targets. Here’s what you need to set up a safe air rifle range at home:

  • A garden with a minimum range of 20 meters.
  • Secure boundaries: Ensure no pellets can stray beyond your garden to comply with the law.
  • Considerate neighbours: Inform them about potential noise to avoid any issues.
  • Household agreement: Make sure everyone at home is aware of the shooting range to prevent accidents.
  • A solid backstop: Use a material that prevents ricochets, such as a brick, stone, or concrete wall. Paving slabs can also work well and are affordable.

Avoid using chipboard, plywood, or any thick composite material with a polished surface, as they can cause ricochets.

You can be prosecuted if any pellet goes beyond your property, whether it’s directly fired or a ricochet.

Young shooters aged 14 to 17 can borrow and use an airgun without supervision on private premises with permission. Those under 14 must be supervised by someone over 21.

Pest Control

Pest Control is common on private land or where you have explicit permission. The species you can shoot are regulated by law and the power of your air rifle.

You can legally shoot certain pest bird species under general licenses, provided you have the landowner’s permission and you’re doing it for specific reasons such as:

  • Preventing serious damage to crops or livestock, or preventing disease.
  • Protecting and conserving flora and fauna (plants and animals.)
  • Preserving public health or safety.

General licenses vary by country and are reviewed annually. It’s advisable to regularly check the BASC’s advice on general licenses here.

For mammals, you can shoot pests like brown rats, grey squirrels, stoats, mink, and rabbits at any time with the landowner’s permission, using an appropriate air rifle.

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