Gamo GX-250 Review

Gamo GX-250 Review 1

The Gamo’s GX 250 has a familiar feel, and for a good reason. It combines elements from Gamo’s popular Coyote and GX40 rifles, creating a hybrid that offers both a higher shot count and affordability.

Design and Features

The GX 250 is essentially a marriage between the Coyote and the GX40. It adopts the longer air cylinder from the Coyote, providing a higher shot count while maintaining the compact and lightweight design of the GX40. This blend results in a rifle that’s more versatile and user-friendly.

Performance and Accuracy

The GX 250 boasts a higher shot count than the GX40, with claims of 120 shots in .177 caliber and 135 in .22 caliber. In practical tests, the GX 250 comfortably delivers 90 to 100 consistent shots in .177 caliber, thanks to its larger air cylinder.

One of the standout features is the BSA cold hammer-forged barrel, ensuring excellent accuracy. During our tests, the GX 250 demonstrated remarkable precision, punching tight groups even at 40 meters.

Power and Consistency

While the GX 250 offers a higher shot count, it does so at a slightly lower power level compared to the GX40. However, this marginal decrease in power (around 30 feet per second) is hardly noticeable in real-world use and is a fair trade-off for the increased number of shots.

Weight and Handling

The GX 250 is slightly heavier than the GX40, tipping the scales at 3.29 kg compared to the GX40’s 3.14 kg. This added weight is primarily due to the longer air cylinder. While this might affect the center of balance, it’s a minor trade-off for the enhanced shot capacity. For benchrest shooting, the extra weight is actually beneficial, providing better stability.

Included Accessories

The initial supply of the GX 250 comes with a budget silencer and a 3-9x BSA scope.

Price and Value

Priced at £399.95 with the starter silencer and scope, the GX 250 offers excellent value for money in today’s PCP market. You may even find you have budget left over to upgrade on your scope or silencer if required.


The Gamo GX 250 is a versatile and high-performing air rifle, suitable for both pest control and target shooting. Its higher shot count and accuracy make it a valuable addition to any shooter’s collection. Whether you opt for the GX 250 or the GX40, both rifles offer exceptional performance at a competitive price.

For those looking to get started without breaking the bank, the budget kit is a solid choice and is sure to impress with its reliability and precision.

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