Target Shooting: Building A Range In Your Garden

With over 6 Million airgun users in the UK alone, there are lots of places for you to shoot your pistol or garden, including our own 100 metre range at Bristol Activity Centre.

Ranges are a great way for beginners to learn how to shoot, as you have all the targets and space required in addition to on-site assistance and guidance from Marshalls and fellow shooters.


  • A garden with a range of at least 20m.
  • Secure boundaries – it is against the law for pellets to stray outside your garden.
  • Permission from and the understanding of everyone in your household so no one wanders out into the range unexpectedly.
  • A solid backstop to prevent any ricochets and pellets traveling further than your garden boundary.

Sandbags, or a brick, stone or concrete wall works well, or you could build a backdrop using paving slabs which are relatively cheap and easy to get hold of.

Do not use chipboard, plywood or any thick composite material with a polished surface, as there is a risk of ricochet.

If you are unsure, or require further information, familiarise yourself with airgun laws and regulation on the BASC website.

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