Choosing the right pellet

4 December 2023

In the realm of airgun shooting, the selection of appropriate pellets plays a pivotal role in attaining accuracy and maximising performance. The vast array of available airgun pellets can make it daunting to pinpoint the ideal choice for your shooting needs. This comprehensive guide aims to lead you through the intricacies of different airgun pellets, their distinctive features, and essential factors to bear in mind when making a purchase. Let’s delve into the nuances and unravel the secrets of discovering the perfect ammunition!

Diabolo Pellets:

Diabolo pellets, also recognized as domed pellets, stand out as the most prevalent and widely employed type of airgun ammunition. Characterized by a rounded head and a hollow skirt, these pellets boast aerodynamic efficiency and accuracy. Key considerations include:

Calibre: Diabolo pellets are accessible in diverse calibres, encompassing .177, .22, and .25. Select the appropriate calibre based on your airgun’s specifications and shooting requirements.

Purpose: Renowned for their versatility, diabolo pellets suit a broad spectrum of shooting applications, ranging from target shooting and plinking to small game hunting.

Accuracy and Penetration: The distinctive shape of diabolo pellets contributes to outstanding accuracy and penetration capabilities, rendering them a favored choice among airgun enthusiasts.

Hollow Point Pellets:

Tailored for hunting and pest control, hollow point pellets feature a cavity at the tip, promoting controlled expansion upon impact. Key considerations include:

Expansion and Energy Transfer: The hollow point design facilitates controlled expansion, enhancing the pellet’s stopping power and energy transfer to the target. This characteristic makes hollow point pellets highly effective for hunting and pest control.

Calibre and Velocity: Factor in the appropriate calibre and velocity needed for your specific hunting needs, as hollow point pellets are available in various sizes to match different airgun specifications.

Accuracy: While not matching the pinpoint accuracy of diabolo pellets, hollow point pellets are designed to deliver maximum impact on targets.

Wadcutter Pellets:

Distinguished by their flat, disc-like shape, wadcutter pellets boast a wide and squared-off head, resulting in a clean, round hole upon impact. Consider the following aspects:

Target Shooting: Primarily designed for target shooting, wadcutter pellets excel in cutting clean holes in paper targets, offering excellent accuracy and visibility of shot placement.

Calibre: Available in different calibers, wadcutter pellets commonly opt for .177 for target shooting.

Velocity: Due to their larger surface area, wadcutter pellets decelerate faster than diabolo pellets. Take into account the optimal velocity for consistent accuracy with wadcutter pellets.

Pointed Pellets:

Featuring a sharp point at the tip, pointed pellets enhance penetration and long-range accuracy. Here’s what you should know:

Penetration: The pointed design enhances penetration capabilities, making pointed pellets suitable for shooting at longer distances and hunting small game.

Calibre and Weight: Pointed pellets come in various calibres and weights. Consider your airgun’s requirements to select the optimal size for peak performance.

Velocity and Ballistic Coefficient: Pointed pellets typically possess a higher ballistic coefficient, ensuring better stability and less affected trajectory, especially at longer ranges.