Beeman P17 Pneumatic Pistol .177




177 (1)
Accessory Rail (4)
#2A3439 (9)
Fibre Optic
Open Sights (1)
Under Lever (4)
Pistol Grip (1)
Rifled Barrell
Two Stage Trigger


The Beeman P17 is a remarkable single-stroke pneumatic air pistol that offers both accuracy and ease of use and is available in .177 calibre.

Constructed from polymer the pistol has a substantial feel, with custom-shaped finger groove grip.

The trigger action is simply superb, featuring a two-stage design, with open sights that are fully adjustable with fibre-optic inserts for enhanced visibility.

To load, pull back on the dummy hammer and swing the top slide up and forward. Load the pellet into the breach and sing the top slide shut until it locks into place, and the pistol is ready to fire.

It has an 11mm rail on top, allowing you to mount accessories such as red-dot sights or lasers.

The Beeman P17 combines precision, power, and ease of use, making it an excellent choice for target shooting and plinking.


Single-Stroke Pneumatic Action: The Beeman P17 utilizes a single-stroke pneumatic mechanism, offering consistent handling and ease of cocking. The dummy hammer and slide make the cocking process straightforward.

Adjustable Sights: The pistol features fully adjustable open sights with fibre-optic inserts, providing clear targeting. Additionally, the 11mm rail-mounted slide allows for the attachment of various sights, including the provided Beeman red-dot sight.

Two-Stage Trigger: The P17 is equipped with a two-stage trigger design. The first stage is light and smooth, followed by a clean break in the second stage, enhancing accuracy and shot control.

Comfortable Grip: The grip is designed for comfort, accommodating medium-sized hands. Despite a relatively short reach to the trigger blade, it ensures a comfortable shooting experience.

Muzzle Brake: The P17 features a moulded-in muzzle brake, adding to the aesthetics of the pistol. While providing a noticeable muzzle flip, it enhances the excitement of firing without significantly impacting accuracy.

High Power Output: With a muzzle energy of 3.7ft.lbs, the P17 delivers consistent high power, surpassing expectations for a pistol of its kind.

Versatile Sight Options: The 11mm rail-mounted slide allows for the attachment of various sights, ensuring flexibility for different shooting preferences.

Affordable and Fun: The Beeman P17 combines functionality with affordability, providing a fun and challenging shooting experience for both seasoned enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Additional information

Weight 0.771 kg
Dimensions 24 mm


Muzzle Velocity

<3 ft lbs



Power Source

Single-Stoke Pneumatic



Top Rail



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