Used Weihrauch HW100 T .177 – Walnut




177 (1)
#2A3439 (9)
Award Winning (3)
Dovetail Mount
High Power (1)
Safety (1)
Multi shot
Picatinny Rail
Rifled Barrell
Side Lever
Silencer included
Two Stage Trigger (1)
Wood (2)


The Weihrauch HW100 T stands as an exceptional pre-charged pneumatic rifle, indisputably among the world’s elite air guns. Its latest iteration, featuring a thumbhole stock, elevates the traditional rifle.

Crafted with meticulous German engineering, this rifle epitomises excellence, offering a two-stage adjustable trigger for precise and comfortable shot control. Notably, the safety engages solely when the action is cocked, providing a quick and reliable readiness check.

Renowned for robustness, the HW100 T incorporates an innovative self-regulating system, ensuring consistent performance. Its remarkable accuracy, enhanced by the thoughtfully designed stock, solidifies the HW100 T as an exceptional and coveted choice for shooters who appreciate both craftsmanship and performance.

SERVICE NOTE: Comes supplied with 2x Magazines, probe, and instruction book. Chronographed at 11.3 ft/lbs, the overall condition is excellent, with only minimal wear and tear. Guaranteed with six-months warranty.


Exceptional Engineering: The Weihrauch HW100T is renowned for its exceptional German engineering, ensuring robustness, reliability, and longevity.

Two-Stage Adjustable Trigger: Featuring a two-stage adjustable trigger, the HW100 T allows shooters to customise trigger sensitivity, providing a controlled and comfortable shot release for an enhanced shooting experience.

Cocked Action Safety Indicator: The safety engages only when the action is cocked, offering a quick and certain check for readiness. This feature ensures a safe and convenient way to confirm the rifle’s status before shooting.

Innovative Self-Regulating System: The rifle employs an innovative self-regulating system, ensuring consistent performance by measuring air pressure and making automatic adjustments. This feature contributes to the rifle’s impressive shot-to-shot consistency.

High-Quality Silencer: The HW100T includes one of the finest silencers, known for its effectiveness and quiet operation. This durable silencer contributes to the overall precision and stealth of the rifle.

Advanced Safety Features: The rifle incorporates safety measures, such as preventing double loading, a crucial feature for hunters to avoid potential issues caused by unintentional pellet doubling.

Solid Build and Craftsmanship: Known for its robust build, the HW100 T embodies meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring a reliable and durable platform that stands the test of time.

Efficient Tube-Reservoir Design: The tube-style reservoir design contributes to the rifle’s efficiency, providing a low-profile action for better handling. This design also allows for mounting the scope low to the action, minimising canting issues for increased accuracy.



Additional information

Dimensions 105.8 mm

.177 Pellet



Action Colour




Power Source

PCP – Pre Charge






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