Umarex T4E HDX 68 C02 Pump Action Air Rifle




#2A3439 (9)
Fibre Optic
Safety (1)
Multi shot
Paintball (1)
Picatinny Rail
Pump Action
Rubber Balls (1)
Single Action (2)
Smooth bore
Synthetic (1)
AR Stock (3)


Introducing the latest rifle in the Umarex T4E (Training for engagement) arsenal.

The HDX Pump Action Paintball Shotgun is a Co2-powered beast, and upgrade on the HDS. With three power outputs, it’s versatile and UK-legal without the need for a license.

The HDX boasts real-action features like an adjustable flip-up rear sight, removable front sight, M-Lok slots, and Picatinny Rails. The integral magazine holds 16 .68 rounds, effortlessly loaded with the front grip ramp.

It has a smooth pump action, CO2 Quick Piercing, and a weight of 3.055 KG. Whether using paint or rubber balls, the HDX 68 is hours of fun.


Powerful Performance: The T4E HDX Shotgun delivers a robust performance, capable of shooting .68 caliber paintballs, or rubber balls, at speeds of up to 300 fps, ensuring accuracy and impact.

Adjustable Power Outputs: With three selectable power outputs (<16J, <11J, <7J), users can adapt the shotgun’s strength to suit different scenarios, making it versatile for various applications such as paintball or training purposes.

Co2 Quick Piercing System: Featuring a convenient Co2 piercing bump button located in the pistol grip, the HDX allows for easy and swift Co2 installation. With a tap, you’re ready to go, ensuring minimal downtime during intense situations.

Real-Action Design: The shotgun mirrors the design of its real-action counterpart, offering an adjustable flip-up rear sight, a removable front sight, and a smooth pump action, providing a realistic and immersive experience.

Integrated Magazine: The integral magazine, housed within the shotgun, accommodates up to 16 .68 rounds. Loading is a breeze with the quick-loading ramp located in the front grip, ensuring efficiency during fast-paced engagements.

M-Lok Slots and Picatinny Rails: Equipped with M-Lok slots and Picatinny Rails, the HDX allows for customization with optics and various accessories, enhancing its adaptability and providing users with the option to personalize their setup.

Compact and Ready for Action: With a length of 896 mm and a weight of 3.055 KG, the HDX strikes a balance between manoeuvrability and stability, making it suitable for various tactical situations.

Legal Ownership in the UK: The higher-powered version of the HDX is UK-legal without the need for a license (excluding Northern Ireland), providing users with a powerful option for recreational use, training, or scenario-based activities.

Quick-Loading System: The shotgun’s loading ramp, conveniently housed in the front grip, ensures a rapid and trouble-free reloading process, contributing to the HDX’s efficiency during critical moments.

Sling-Ready Design: Designed with convenience in mind, the HDX features sling-ready attachments, allowing users to carry and manoeuvre the shotgun comfortably during extended periods of use.



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