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The Retay Model 84FS offers realism, reliability, and durability with its full metal construction and Cerakote finish. Compliant with UK law, this top-venting, blue-finished pistol is ideal for bird scaring.

With double-action capability and chambered in 9mm, the semi-auto 84FS replicates the Beretta M84 design. Featuring a 9mm P.A.K. Blank Firing Replica, this all-metal construction pistol ensures easy loading and firing, making it a practical and compliant choice for various applications. The gun comes with essential safety measures, including a manual safety.


Full Metal Construction: The Retay Model 84FS is crafted entirely from metal, providing a realistic weight and feel for an authentic shooting experience.

Cerakote Finish: Coated in durable Cerakote, the pistol is designed to withstand wear and tear, ensuring longevity.

UK Law Compliance: Finished in blue and featuring top venting, the pistol adheres to UK laws, making it accessible without special licensing.

Double Action: With a double-action mechanism, the pistol offers smooth and reliable firing.

Calibre: Chambered in 9mm P.A.K for versatile use.

Safety Measures: Equipped with a manual safety for added precaution.

Semi-Auto Action: The semi-automatic action enhances ease of use, allowing for efficient and rapid firing.

Ideal for Bird Scaring: Designed for bird scaring applications, offering a practical solution for pest control.

Foam-Lined Hard Case: The pistol is sold in a foam-lined hard case for secure and convenient transportation.

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