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Showing all 3 results

  • Artemis PP750


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    The long awaited return of the Artemis PP750 PCP Pistol / Carbine has eventually arrived back in stock.

    Last in stock in January 2020, this pistol is certainly an upgraded version of the popular Artemis PP700SA.

    There is a considerable difference between these pistols, in the first instance the PP750 is fitted with a self-indexing multi shot magazine (7 or 9 shot depending on calibre), a side leaver cocking handle and an adjustable sliding stock.

    As its predecessor the shot count per fill is between 40-50 and has an adjustable match trigger.

    Bristol Airguns Opinion: A cracking multi-shot pistol which certainly an improvement of the very popular PP700SA, a definite yes from us.

    Please note: This pistol comes supplied with the fill adaptor, but to connect it to a 1/8th hose, you will also require a quick fill connector socket (listed under accessories above), if you do not already have one.


  • Artemis PP800 R Regulated


    In stock



  • SMK Victory CP1


    In stock

    The Victory Cp1 is perfect for small vermin control and the occasional target shooting. It is lightweight has a smooth bolt action and an easily accessed wide breech to load your pellet. Powered by one 12g Co2 making it easy to gas on the go, has a power output of around 5.2 Ft, Lbs. Fitted…

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