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  • Beretta PX-4 Storm – Dual Ammo


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    The Umarex PX4 Storm, polished and blued, looks, feels and shoots like a real Beretta. It can shoot either 4.5mm steel BBs or .177 pellets for precise target shooting. There is an 8-shot rotary clip on one end of the stick magazine, and another one at the other end (16 shots per magazine). The PX…

  • Umarex SA10 – Dual Ammo


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    Umarex UX SA10 is certainly an attention-grabbing CO2 pistol. First, there are the viewports in the heavy slide, through which you can see the brass-coloured barrel with thread for mounting a silencer, it also can be field stripped and fitted with a threaded barrel to achieve extra accuracy. Based on the successful Glock 17 Dual…

  • Umarex Colt Defender


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    The Umarex Colt Defender CO2 BB Pistol is an excellent entry-level, plinking pistol. Constructed from all metal, apart from the plastic grip, which slides back to reveal the CO2 and a sixteen shot BB compartment that is tucked away in the handgrip. Bristol Airguns opinion:  An excellent build quality for the money, great fun to…

  • Daisy Red 880 Powerline


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      The Daisy Powerline 880 from Daisy is ideal for young shooters and makes a great gift for the inexperienced looking to get into a shooting hobby. The rifled barrel of the 880 ensures great accuracy and the underlever action ensures maximum control and also eliminates the need for purchasing extra gas canisters or bottles….

  • Daisy Red Ryder Kit


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      Daisy Red Ryder Fun Kit is a lever-action 4.5mm BB Air Rifle. Based on the Wild West, Winchester style rifle this replica has hours of fun packed into this box, with everything you need to get started. Supplied is 750 steel BB’s, safety Glasses and a variety of targets. The rifle is spring powered,…

  • Umarex Smith & Wesson M29 – 6.5”


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    Now in stock is the Umarex Smith and Wesson Model 29 with a 6.5-inch barrel Certainly, an attractive gun, the finish is gunmetal with stained wood effect grips. Constructed from metal the build quality is impressive and feels substantial in the hand, weighing in at 1135g with a length of 308mm. This is an extremely…

  • Walther PPQ – M2


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    The long-awaited Walther PPQ M2 has finally arrived with its new all in one chain fed magazine. The PPQ has been a sought-after pistol since it was announced and we can see why, with its 21 round chain fed pellet magazine it stands out as a small but able target pistol, with an adjustable rear…

  • Colt 1911 – Special Combat


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    The Umarex Colt 1911 Combat is a well-styled 4.5mm BB pistol.   This model is built from a high-quality frame, with a nickel-coloured slide and attractive wooden-style grips.  Powered by one 12g CO2 capsule, which provides around 50 shots, it is not a blow-back pistol that conserves CO2, however, the slide is movable to allow you to cock it just…

  • Used Walther PPQ M2


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    Used Walther PPQ M2 Pellet Pistol in great working order. Cosmetically in fair to good condition with light surface marks on the metal slide. Supplied with printed Instructions. With six months warranty.  

  • Sig Sauer MPX – Black


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      The Sig Sauer MPX is a .177 Pellet Air Rifle and is finished in Black. This is a double-action (semi-automatic) air rifle that fires 30 rounds in under 11 seconds by utilising a rotating belt pellet magazine. The Sig Sauer MPX is fitted with a rifled steel barrel and boasts a velocity of up…

  • Umarex Glock 19 – Black


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    The Umarex Glock range are fully licenced air pistols through Glock, the attention to detail, markings and overall design and build is of a very high standard, all models are constructed from a ballistic polymer grip, with a metal slide. The Glock 19 version double action pistol with a drop free sixteen capacity magazine, this…

  • Gamo C15 – Dual Ammo


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    The Gamo C15 is a dual Ammo pistol that can and will provide hours of fun. Easy to gas, load, and fire with a double-sided 16-shot magazine (8-shot rotary magazines on each end) for a quick reload. With a blowback action, the pistol feels realistic to fire. Gassing is made simple by having everything you…

  • Milbro SYN M16 – .177


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    This is new Edgar Brothers Hatsan Breaker 900X which is available in .177 & .22 Calibre.
    Crafted from an ambidextrous solid Beachwood stock, the Breaker 900x has a two stage trigger with an automatic safety, fibre optic open sights and a groove dovetail rail for scopes.
    Velocity is around 11.4 ft. lbs, making it ideal for both target shooting and vermin control.
    Bristol Airguns opinion – A well-constructed air rifle, the fibre optic open sights certainly give it the edge and it has a silencer fitted as standard.

  • Umarex Beretta M9A3 – FM – Black


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    This model is the upgraded version of the Beretta M92FS, which has been in production since the 1980’s. However, the new M9A3 has a couple extra tricks up its sleeve! On the first inspection, the pistol weighs in at an impressive 1075g with a heavy metal slide and frame, finished in a pristine Black the…

  • Crosman SBR


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      The Crosman SBR Semi-Auto 4.5mm BB gun backyard semi-automatic blowback plinking rifle. Modelled on the famous M4 Carbine this rifle is metal and hardened polymer with a six-position adjustable AR stock and Picatinny rail that provides endless mounting opportunities. The rifle is fitted with flip-up open sights, however, a red dot (Hawke Vantage 1×25)…

  • Umarex Smith & Wesson 629 – 6.5″


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    Now in stock is the Umarex Smith and Wesson 629 Classic with a 6.5-inch barrel. Certainly, an attractive gun, the finish is nickel with hardy black rubber grips. Constructed from metal the build quality is impressive and feels substantial in the hand, weighing in at 1315g with a length of 308mm. This is an extremely…

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