Pre Owned Webley Mark 3 Series 4 .22 (1961-1964)




PRE OWNED WEBLEY MARK 3 SERIES 4 .22 (1961-1964)

First introduced in 1947, the Webley Mk3, is a classic air rifle known for its fixed-barrel, underlever, tap-loading design, reminiscent of pre-war BSA models. Weighing 7lb 5oz and 43½ inches long, it features a beautifully tapered, polished, and blued barrel. Initially inspired by the German Diana Model 45, it was produced until 1975 with various design updates. Notable for its accuracy and craftsmanship, the Mk3 was popular in bell target shooting. Proper maintenance ensures this heirloom-quality rifle provides lasting satisfaction.

Product Note: This piece is in excellent condition, with only slight marks on the rear of the stock. The barrel and mechanism show minimal signs of oxidation, consistent with careful use over the years. It bears the serial number 26299 from Series 4, dating it between 1961 and 1964.


Fixed-Barrel, Underlever Design: Inspired by pre-war BSA models, this configuration ensures stability and accuracy.

Tap-Loading Mechanism: Allows for precise and efficient loading of pellets.

High-Quality Barrel: Tapered, polished, and blued to a high standard, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal.

Accuracy: Claimed precision of 1¼ inch groups at 40 yards for .177 calibre and 1¾ inch groups for .22 calibre.

Historical Significance: Popular for bell target shooting and other indoor shooting disciplines, especially in the Midlands.

Collectibility: Highly valued collectors item.

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Muzzle Velocity

9.8 ft lbs

Power Source

Spring Piston

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