Pard NV007V Night Vision





Discover unparalleled night vision capabilities with the Pard NV007V. Designed to mount seamlessly onto your existing scope, it utilizes your optics without the hassle of refitting. Its soft eyepiece ensures comfort during extended use. Easily attach or detach with a simple collar mechanism and rotate 90 degrees.

Enjoy enhanced visibility with 4x digital magnification, ideal for low-light or pitch-black conditions. Day and night operation, plus standalone spotting, make it incredibly versatile. The adjustable IR Laser offers wide-angle illumination or focused zoom up to 200 meters. Control settings conveniently via a smartphone app, including recording functionality.


Attachment to Existing Scope: Mounts securely to the rear of your existing scope, utilizing its optics without the need for refitting. The soft eyepiece ensures comfort during extended use.

Versatility: Easily attaches and detaches using a simple collar mechanism. This allows quick transition between day and night use with a 90-degree rotation.

Digital Magnification: Provides 4x digital magnification, enhancing visibility in low-light or completely dark conditions.

Day and Night Use: Equipped for both day and night operations, making it suitable for a wide range of lighting conditions.

Standalone Spotting Scope: Functions as a standalone night vision spotting scope when not attached to a rifle scope.

Adjustable IR Laser: Features an adjustable IR laser for wide-angle illumination or focused zoom up to 200 meters, catering to different hunting scenarios.

Smartphone App Control: Allows remote control of settings via a smartphone app, including the option to record video or capture images.

Ease of Use: Known for its user-friendly operation, making it accessible even for those new to night vision technology.

Performance: Praised for its reliable performance and effectiveness in real-world hunting conditions.

Included Accessories: Comes with a 16mm collar and necessary fixings for immediate setup and use.


Additional information

Weight 0.765 kg
Dimensions 9.7 × 4.7 × 10.6 mm

16mm Adjustable


IR Lazer


With Mount

Viewing Range

200 metres

Battery Type

18650 Li-ion

Estimated Battery Life

Up to 8 hours



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