Nine Exploding Golf Balls – Target




Nine Exploding Chalk Golf Balls.

Fully biodegradable.

Bristol Airguns opinion: They Explode, enough said!-

Nine Exploding Golf Balls - Target 2


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    Exploding Barrage Board


    These are great fun, 20 Explosive Blanks on every board, when struck with a pellet or slingshot ballbearing they explode with a “boom”, smoke and blow’s a hole in the board. Suitable for pellet pistols, rifles & slingshots. Bristol Airgun Opinion: Hours of fun as you have to hit the bullseyes, loud bag with smoke […]


    Shoot-N-Smash! Chalk Targets (50)


    Chalk targets that smash with a puff of powdered chalk when hit. 42mm white discs with Bisley logo. Box of 50 discs. SMASHES on impact! Suitable for all rifles and pistols.


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