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Showing 1–16 of 21 results

  • Umarex Tornado


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    Umarex Tornado CO2 4.5mm BB Revolver. This is a great little starter revolver and is ideal as an entry level plinking pistol, with a ten shot magazine. For the price is very accurate at 10M, with a shots capacity of 70 per CO2 cylinder. Bristol Airguns opinion: great value, highly recommended for target shooting and…

  • Beretta PX-4 Storm – Dual Ammo


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    The Umarex PX4 Storm, polished and blued, looks, feels and shoots like a real Beretta. It can shoot either 4.5mm steel BBs or .177 pellets for precise target shooting. There is an 8-shot rotary clip on one end of the stick magazine, and another one at the other end (16 shots per magazine). The PX…

  • Umarex SA10 – Dual Ammo


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    Umarex UX SA10 is certainly an attention-grabbing CO2 pistol. First, there are the viewports in the heavy slide, through which you can see the brass-coloured barrel with thread for mounting a silencer, it also can be field stripped and fitted with a threaded barrel to achieve extra accuracy. Based on the successful Glock 17 Dual…

  • Dan Wesson 715 – 2.5″


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    Dan Wesson 715 2.5-inch revolver, in .177 calibre (pellet), is constructed from full metal, with a rifled barrel, this is a solid precision engineered airgun finished in silver with Hogue black rubber grips. Bristol Airguns opinion, a great example of a 357 Magnum, well built, feels great to handle, we think the Dan Wesson 715…

  • Artemis PP700SA


    In stock

    The Artemis PP700SA (also known as the Zasdar), is an exceptional single shoot PCP pistol. 

    In .177 Calibre, this pistol is an excellent target pistol, as this model is fitted with open sights.  In .22 Calibre, it is excellent for vermin control, as it can be fitted with a skeleton shoulder stock for extra stability.

    A moderator adaptor can also be fitted, so a UNF silencer can be added, which vastly reduces noise.  A scope can be added to the weaver rail for distance.

    The pellets are loaded directly into the barrel at the rear after the hammer has been cocked and the access door rotated to one side the pellet is propelled from the steel rifled barrel at power levels up to 5.5 ft. lbs.

    This direct barrel loading helps to ensure accuracy as less air is wasted, and the trigger and hammer system is very easy to use and allows crisp and clean let off for each shot taken. Bristol Airguns opinion, an exceptional air pistol, worth every penny.  

    Please note: This pistol comes supplied with the fill adaptor, but to connect it to a 1/8th hose, you will also require a quick fill connector socket (listed under accessories above), if you do not already have one.

  • Umarex Colt Defender


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    The Umarex Colt Defender CO2 BB Pistol is an excellent entry-level, plinking pistol. Constructed from all metal, apart from the plastic grip, which slides back to reveal the CO2 and a sixteen shot BB compartment that is tucked away in the handgrip. Bristol Airguns opinion:  An excellent build quality for the money, great fun to…

  • Sig Sauer 1911 – “Spartan”


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    The Sig Sauer Spartan 1911 Blow Back CO2 Air Pistol is a 1:1 replica of the original centre-fire pistol, copied from famed Colt 1911. This air pistol is full-metal with a unique bronze finish, a Spartan helmet is displayed on the hand grip with the Greek words “Molon Labe” which means “Come and take them”,…



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    The Baba Yaga Night Viper also known as the Pit Viper is a  Co2 Blowback Air Pistol, is a remarkable piece of weaponry, instantly recognizable to fans of the John Wick film series. This air pistol is a welcome addition to the world of airguns, combining aesthetics, performance, and a touch of cinematic mystique. Whether…

  • Used Umarex Race Gun Set – Red Dot – Spare Magazine


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    We have a Used Umarex Race Gun Set, with a Red Dot and spare Magazine. The cosmetic condition is excellent, with only very minor marks due to light use. With Six Month Warranty.

  • Gamo C15 – Dual Ammo


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    The Gamo C15 is a dual-ammo pistol that can and will provide hours of fun. Easy to gas, load, and fire with a double-sided 16-shot magazine (8-shot rotary magazines on each end) for a quick reload. With a blowback action, the pistol feels realistic to fire. Gassing is made simple by having everything you need…

  • Sig Sauer 1911 Emperor Scorpion


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    The New addition to the Sig Sauer Range the 1911 Emporer Scorpian is designed from the original firearm from the good old USA. Powered by a CO2 Cylinder that is located in the dropout magazine which also holds fifteen 4.5mm BB’s. The construction is all metal with an FDE (flat dark earth) finish and can…

  • Umarex Beretta CX4 Storm XT Kit


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    The Beretta CX-4 Storm is a semi-automatic lightweight compact air rifle in .177 calibre. This rifle is constructed from polymer with a steel barrel, the overall feel is compact and can be shot on open sights or with a scope. It is supplied with a 30 round belt-driven magazine that slides comfortably into the pistol…

  • Weihrauch HW44


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      HW44 pre-charged air pistol is based on the acclaimed HW-110 pneumatic air rifle. As the HW-110, the chassis is constructed from ballistic polymer, sports two Picatinny rails, a ten shot magazine and an ambidextrous non-slip-resistant grip. The adjustable two stage trigger is fitted with a safety catch on both sides, so it is suitable…

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    The Baba Yaga Combat Master Hi-Capa Co2 Blowback Air Pistol is a remarkable piece of weaponry, instantly recognizable to fans of the John Wick film series. This air pistol is a welcome addition to the world of airguns, combining aesthetics, performance, and a touch of cinematic mystique. Whether you’re a collector, a John Wick enthusiast,…

  • Used Umarex Smith & Wesson MP9 MK2 Pistol. 


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    Used Umarex Smith & Wesson MP9 MK2 Pistol. Condition: very good, the colouring is in great condition, with very minimal surface marks, mechanically, perfect! Supplied with : 2x Magazines Carry Case Six Months Warranty

  • Crosman ST 1 Semi Auto – Stormtrooper


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    The Crosman ST-1 is a CO2-powered airgun that can be used as both a rifle and a pistol. Certainly looks like a Star Wars Stormtrooper Blaster!! It has a high-capacity magazine that can hold over 400 BBs and a removable stock that can be adjusted to fit the user’s preference. The ST-1 has a smooth-bore…

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