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Showing all 5 results

  • BSA Lightning GRT XL


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    The BSA Lightning XL GRT SE is a hard-wearing, superbly accurate, value-for-money gas ram air rifle, is available in .177 & .22 Calibre and certainly packs a punch at just over 11 ft. Lbs. Most traditional airguns use a spring-and-piston system to provide the air source, this rifle utilises a gas ram system which is…

  • Webley VMX Gas Ram


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    Back into stock due to high demand is the new version of the popular Webley D-Ram / Gas Ram 2.0 air rifle available in .177 & .22 Calibre. The rifle is constructed from a synthetic stock and is outfitted with a rubber butt pad for recoil absorption and sling swivels.   Fitted with fibre optic…



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    The FX Airguns Pocket Chronograph V2, is a wireless radar-based chronograph. It communicates via Bluetooth to your smartphone (available for both iOS and Android). Key Features: Velocity Measurement: The app displays the feet per second (FPS) of your gun. Shot String Storage: Easily exportable shot strings for analysis. Muzzle Energy: Provides muzzle energy in foot-pounds…

  • Spec Ops Sniper MKII Package .22 – With Scope & Carry Case


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    Back in stock by popular demand is the updated and improved Spec Ops Snipper MKII .22 calibre gas ram rifle break-barrel with a 3-9 X 40 Scope, adjustable Bi-pod and a Rifle case. Loosely copied from the famed American 50 Calibre Sniper rifle, this certainly has a tactical look and certainly would look the part…

  • Weihrauch HW90 K


    In stock

    Supplied by Hull Cartridge, the Weihrauch HW90 gas-ram powered air rifle and is currently available in .117 & .22 calibre. The Theoben gas ram system minimizes recoil, it is fitted with the unique 2-stage Elite trigger which has many similarities with the Rekord trigger. It is supplied with a Weihrauch silencer, this rifle does lend…

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