EK Archery Cobra RX 130lb Crossbow





The EK Cobra RX is the next evolution from the game-changing Cobra R9, sharing features like the extending AR15/M16 stock, quick detach sling mounts, and robust safety. It builds on the R9 Deluxe by boosting power from 90/110lb to an impressive 130lb. To handle this increase, string stoppers are installed to reduce vibration and enhance accuracy, while also prolonging string life. The package includes 1x Cobra RX Crossbow 130lb, 6x 15″ Carbon Bolts, 1x String Wax, 1x Shoulder Sling, 1x AR15 Stock with Buffer Tube, 1x Aluminum Red Dot Sight, 1x Simple Foregrip, and 1x Safety Goggles.


Extending AR15/M16 Stock: Adjustable for a custom fit, enhancing comfort and control.

Quick Detach Sling Mounts: Allows fast attachment and detachment of the shoulder sling.

Robust Safety Mechanism: Ensures secure handling and prevents accidental firing.

Increased Power: Upgraded to 130lb draw weight for greater force and penetration.

String Stoppers: Reduces vibration, improving accuracy and string life.

15″ Carbon Bolts: Includes six durable, high-performance carbon bolts.

String Wax: Maintains string condition for longevity and performance.

Shoulder Sling: Makes it easy to carry the crossbow over distances.

AR15 Stock with Buffer Tube: Adds stability and absorbs recoil.

Aluminium Red Dot Sight: Improves aiming accuracy, even in low-light conditions.

Simple Foregrip: Enhances grip and control for steadier shooting.

Safety Goggles: Protects eyes, ensuring safety during use.


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