EK Archery Vlad Pistol Crossbow (60lbs/90lbs)





The ultimate 8-shot self-repeating crossbow! Compact yet powerful, the Vlad is self-cocking and features an 8-bolt speed loader for rapid firing. Based on the popular EK Archery Adder, it boasts a folding stock for easy storage and includes two limbs (60lb & 90lb) for adjustable power. No need to de-string the limb for adjustments! Assembly and disassembly take just seconds, tool-free.


8-Shot Self-Repeating Mechanism: Automatically loads bolts for rapid, continuous shooting.

Self-Cocking System: Quick and effortless cocking with a rapid cocking arm.

Compact and Portable Design: Sized like a standard pistol crossbow with an extended shoulder stock.

Folding Stock: Stock folds for easy storage in small bags or spaces.

Adjustable Power Limbs: Includes 60lb and 90lb limbs, adjustable without de-stringing.

Tool-Free Assembly and Disassembly: Assembles and disassembles in seconds without tools.

Comprehensive Kit: Includes a red dot sight and 16 bolts for immediate use.


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