5 Golden Rules For Airgunners

6 September 2023

It’s likely that, like us, you enjoy airgun shooting as a recreational sport in your free time. However, we all should remember that high standards underpin public and political support for shooting.

Familiarising yourself with the below will help keep our sport alive and ensure you maximise your enjoyment when shooting.

  1. Don’t be a clown
    Always know where the muzzle of your airgun is pointing and never point it in an unsafe direction.
  2. Know the rules
    Familiarise yourself with BASC regulation, show respect to the countryside, due regard to health and safety and consideration for others.
  3. Use a backstop
    Before you shoot, make sure that a safe backstop is present to capture the pellet.

    Chipboard and soil/sandbags make for good backstops.
  4. Don’t take chances
    Consider live quarry; don’t shoot beyond the bounds of your ability – don’t take chance shots.
  5. Ignorance isn’t bliss.
    Ignorance of the law is no excuse. If in doubt, always ask, or visit the BASC website if you’re still unsure.

Be safe and have fun!