Hill MK5 Air Rifle Pump with Dry Air System





The Hill MK5 Pump with Dry Pack is a meticulously crafted air pump tailored for air rifle and pistol enthusiasts.

Its Dry Pack System removes moisture from compressed air, ensuring unwavering performance and thwarting corrosion.

Operated manually, users control air pressure during refills, aided by a precise pressure gauge.

Though not as compact as some alternatives, the Hill MK5 Pump remains easily transportable for outdoor usage.

Key Features

Reliability: Fashioned with premium materials and boasting a sturdy design, the MK5 Pump assures enduring durability and dependable operation.

Consistent Performance: The Dry Pack System upholds a dry air supply to forestall performance disparities and minimize the risk of corrosion within the gun’s mechanism.

Precision Control: Manual operation empowers users to regulate the air pressure administered during refills, ensuring precise and safe replenishment of airgun reservoirs.

Peace of Mind: Outfitted with a pressure gauge, users can monitor the pressure pumped into their airguns, averting overfilling, and fostering safe operating conditions.

Portability: The Hill MK5 Pump maintains commendable portability, facilitating convenient usage across various outdoor settings.

Versatility: Engineered to be compatible with a broad array of air rifles and pistols, the MK5 Pump offers versatility to accommodate diverse models and types of airguns.


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    Quick Coupler Starter Kit. A complete PCP kit to get you started fits onto 300 Barr hose assembly. Supplied with: 1x Quick Fill Adaptor. 2x Quick Coupler plugs with washers. 1x Stainless Steel Pressure Test Dust Plug.


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