Remington Pest Controller




22 (1)
Adj Sights
#2A3439 (9)
Break Barrell (1)
Dovetail Mount
Fibre Optic
High Power (1)
Safety (1)
Rifled Barrell
Sound Moderator
Two Stage Trigger
Wood (3)


A cost-effective and accurate spring-piston air rifle designed for vermin control.

With a break barrel design, integrated barrel silencer, and adjustable two-stage trigger, the Pest Controller combines reliability, accuracy, and affordability, making it an excellent choice.


Wooden Stock: Crafted from American hardwood, the stock offers durability, classic aesthetics, and additional weight for improved recoil dampening and stability.

Chequered Grip and Fore-End: The stock features a chequered grip and fore-end, enhancing the shooter’s control and comfort.

Integrated Barrel Silencer: Fitted with an integrated barrel silencer, reducing muzzle noise for a stealthier shooting experience.

Adjustable Two-Stage Trigger: The standard two-stage trigger is adjustable, offering a 4.55lb pull weight and minimal creep for improved shooting control.

Fibre Optic Sights: Equipped with high-raised polymer fibre optic sights for enhanced visibility, with a fully adjustable wheel-operated rear sight.

Consistent Accuracy: Achieves consistent accuracy after the running-in period, providing reliable performance in various shooting scenarios.

Affordable and Honest Design: Remington air rifles are recognised for their value for money, offering an affordable and honest air rifle for UK shooters.

Ideal for Pest Control: Tailored for pest control applications, delivering power, accuracy, and reliability in dispatching garden pests.


Additional information

Weight 3.3 kg
Dimensions 106 mm




Power Source

Spring Piston


.177, .22

Muzzle Velocity

11.3 ft lbs




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