Weihrauch HW110 KT – Laminate




177 and 22 (1)
#2A3439 (9)
High Power (1)
Safety (1)
Multi shot
Picatinny Rail
Rifled Barrell
Side Lever
Silencer included
Two Stage Trigger (1)


Introducing the Weihrauch HW110 KT Grey Laminate Thumbhole Carbine, a versatile addition to the acclaimed HW110 lineup. Crafted for both hunting and target shooting, its ambidextrous grey laminate stock offers superior grip and control.

Equipped with a Picatinny rail for quick accessory attachment, it seamlessly integrates bipods or slings. The polymer action features the renowned Adjustable 2-stage Rekord trigger, ensuring precision with every shot. With an ambidextrous safety catch and side lever cocking action, firing is smooth and efficient. Supplied with Weihrauch’s latest High-Efficiency Silencer and two 10-shot magazines, this rifle promises unparalleled performance.


Compact Design: The HW110 KT is four inches shorter than the standard 110, providing a more compact and manoeuvrable profile.

Grey Laminate Stock: Stylish and ambidextrous, the grey laminate stock offers both visual appeal and ergonomic comfort, catering to shooters of varied preferences.

Picatinny Accessory Rail: The forend is equipped with a Picatinny type accessory rail, facilitating quick and hassle-free attachment of accessories like bipods or slings, enhancing the rifle’s adaptability.

Adjustable 2-stage Rekord Trigger: The rifle boasts the renowned Adjustable 2-stage Rekord trigger, providing shooters with the ability to fine-tune the trigger for personalized control and optimum shooting precision.

Ambidextrous Safety Catch: Featuring an ambidextrous safety catch with levers on both sides of the action, ensuring accessibility for shooters of all preferences and promoting safe handling.

Side Lever Cocking Action: The side lever cocking action facilitates swift and smooth shots, contributing to an efficient shooting experience, with a mechanism that operates the 10-shot drum magazine seamlessly.

High-Efficiency Silencer: Supplied with Weihrauch’s latest High-Efficiency Silencer, this rifle minimizes noise while maintaining exceptional performance, ensuring a discreet and enjoyable shooting environment.

Two 10-shot Magazines: The inclusion of two 10-shot magazines ensures a continuous and reliable ammunition supply, catering to sustained shooting sessions without frequent reloads.

Precision Barrel Options: The rifle is available with different barrel lengths, including a 16.1” (410 mm) and a carbine version with a 12.2” (310 mm) barrel, allowing users to choose based on individual preferences without sacrificing precision.

Integrated Regulator: Operating with a maximum cartridge pressure of 200 bar, the pre-charged air rifle features an integrated regulator that adjusts power down to 7.5 joules, ensuring consistent shot power for enhanced precision.

Manual Safety: The manual safety feature eliminates the need to deactivate the safety between shots, enabling shooters to fire the 10-round drum magazine quickly and seamlessly.

Comprehensive Accessories: The package includes essential accessories such as a Quickfill probe, two magazines, and a Picatinny rail, offering additional customization options and enhancing the overall shooting experience.


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.177 Pellet, .22 Pellet



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