Umarex Legends MP German




#2A3439 (9)
Drop out mag
Folding Stock
Full Metal
Safety (1)
Multi shot
Open Sights (1)
Semi Auto
Smooth bore


An exceptional homage to the classic MP40 rifle used by German forces in World War II. Meticulously crafted, Umarex delivers an outstanding replica that allows enthusiasts to own a piece of history.

The metal frame and exterior provide durability and weight, while the ABS plastic components ensure a comfortable grip on the pistol and forestock. The metal rear shoulder stock section folds seamlessly, offering the versatility of shooting in carbine or full-length configurations.

Featuring a drop-out magazine capable of holding two 12g capsules and 50 4.5mm BBs, this air rifle guarantees an immersive shooting experience. The blow-back effect and authentic sound further enhance the lifelike replication, making it a must-have for collectors.

The Legacy Model offers realistic weathering, reminiscent of a battlefield return. Choose the Legends MP German from Umarex for an unparalleled blend of history and modern air gun technology.


Historical Accuracy: The MP German by Umarex is a faithful recreation of the classic MP40 rifle used by German forces in World War II, allowing enthusiasts to own an authentic piece of history.

Sturdy Construction: The metal frame and exterior of the air gun provide a solid and weighty feel, adding to the realism of the replica. This construction ensures durability, contributing to the overall quality of the firearm.

Comfortable Grip: The pistol grip and forestock are crafted from ABS plastic, offering a comfortable and firm grip for users. This design choice balances the weight of the metal components, making it easy to handle during extended shooting sessions.

Versatile Shooting Options: The metal rear shoulder stock section is foldable, allowing users to switch between carbine and full-length configurations. This versatility adds a dynamic element to the shooting experience, catering to different preferences.

Capacious Drop-Out Magazine: The drop-out magazine is designed to hold two 12g CO₂ capsules and up to 50 4.5mm BBs. This feature not only ensures an ample supply for shooting but also contributes to the overall immersive and enjoyable shooting experience.

Realistic Effects: The MP German incorporates a blow-back effect and authentic sound, elevating the replica to a lifelike level. These features make it a perfect choice for collectors seeking an air gun that closely mimics the original MP40 rifle.

Additional information

Weight 3.056 kg
Dimensions 620-830 mm


Muzzle Velocity

<6 ft lbs

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