Crosman RatCatcher 2250 – With Scope




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The Crosman 2250 Ratcatcher, is purpose-built for efficient vermin control. Boasting a low-maintenance design, it features an improved bolt action for easy loading and cocking.

Equipped with a precision four-power scope and mounts, its extended rifled steel barrel ensures remarkable accuracy. With a power output ranging from 6 to 8 foot-pounds, this single-shot air rifle is a reliable choice for pest management. Weighing just 1.53kg and with a length of 76.8cm, the synthetic stock and forearm offer durability.

The Crosman 2250 S RatCatcher, an enhanced version of the renowned RatCatcher Pistol, delivers outstanding performance up to 25 meters.


CO2 Power: The Crosman 2250 Ratcatcher operates on CO2, ensuring consistent and reliable power for precise shooting.

Single Shot: Designed for efficiency in pest management, the single-shot capability allows for accurate targeting of vermin.

Low Maintenance: With an improved bolt design, the air rifle is easy to load and cock, requiring minimal maintenance for smooth operation.

Extended Rifled Steel Barrel: The extended barrel enhances accuracy, allowing for precise and effective shots, especially at ranges up to 25 meters.

Precision Scope: The included 4x scope and mounts contribute to improved target acquisition, making it a reliable tool for vermin control.

Lightweight Design: Weighing only 1.53kg, the synthetic stock and forearm offer durability while keeping the rifle lightweight and manoeuvrable.

Silencer Compatibility: The option to fit a silencer enhances the rifle’s versatility, allowing for quiet and discreet use in pest control situations.

Power Output: With a power output ranging from 6 to 8 foot-pounds, the Crosman 2250 S RatCatcher delivers sufficient force for effective vermin management.




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