Browning Buck Mark Magnum




177 (1)
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Rifled Barrell


Admired for its first-class quality, reliability and excellent precision, the Browning Buck Mark is one of the most popular rimfire pistols worldwide. This classic spring-piston airgun, which matches the Browning Buck Mark Magnum in design, promises great shooting fun and excellent performance. Thanks to its reliable break-barrel mechanism it requires no external power source. Cock the spring by hand, and the Buck Mark Magnum is ready to fire a 4.5 mm pellet through its rifled barrel with an energy of 7.5 joules. The open sight and effective light collector in the rear sight ensure outstanding precision even in poor lighting conditions. An intuitive trigger safety prevents accidental firing.


Quality & Reliability: The Browning Buck Mark offers top-tier quality and reliability, ensuring consistent performance.

Precision: Known for its exceptional accuracy, the Browning Buck Mark delivers precise shots consistently.

Spring-Piston Mechanism: The Buck Mark Magnum features a reliable spring-piston mechanism, eliminating the need for external power sources.

Break-Barrel Design: Its user-friendly break-barrel design allows for easy cocking by hand.

Calibre & Energy: Firing .177 & .22 pellets with 7.5 joules of energy, the Buck Mark Magnum is versatile for various shooting activities.

Rifled Barrel: Equipped with a rifled barrel, the pistol ensures pellet stabilisation for improved accuracy.

Open Sights with Light Collector: The pistol’s open sights with a light collector enhance visibility, especially in low-light conditions.

Trigger Safety: Featuring an intuitive trigger safety, the pistol prevents accidental firing for added security.

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.177, .22

Muzzle Velocity

<6 ft lbs



Power Source

Spring Piston



Top Rail





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