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Manufactured by ASG, this is the Duty One CO2 Blowback Pistol, it is a fully licensed copy of the famous small arms manufacturer STI International, based in Texas, USA, who produce the real firearm.  

The pistol lower is constructed from polymer with a steel top slide with authentic STI Duty One engraving and the hand grips also have the authentic STI logo. 

 The 4.5mm steel BBs are stored in a round drop-out magazine and powered by a 12g CO2 cartridge is located in the handgrip.  

This pistol is semi-automatic and based on the classic model 1911 with STI International upgraded design to change the look of the pistol.  

There is frame has an integrated front weaver rail for mounting light and laser. 

Bristol Airguns Opinion: This is a great example of a military Colt 1911, with a lovely design, fires well, and snappy blowback, what’s there not to like!   


ASG STI Duty One 4

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