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Meet the Alfa Sport Pistol – a compact, high-performance airgun. Designed with a recoilless, pre-charged pneumatic action, it ensures consistent muzzle energy through a built-in power regulator. The walnut grip houses the air reservoir, providing excellent balance and stability while aiming.

The barrel shroud features slots for an anti-flip muzzle brake, and a mounting rail accepts a counterweight for perfect balance. The match-type trigger offers versatile adjustments, allowing for ‘dry-firing’ during training.

With competition-grade adjustable sights and over 80 recoilless shots per recharge, the Alfa is an ideal choice for training or club competitions.


Recoilless Design: The Alfa Sport Pistol features a recoilless design, ensuring a stable and controlled shooting experience without the jarring impact commonly associated with airguns.

Pre-Charged Pneumatic Action: With a pre-charged pneumatic action, the Alfa delivers consistent muzzle energy shot after shot, enhancing accuracy and performance.

Power Regulator: Equipped with a power regulator, this airgun maintains a steady level of power, contributing to reliable and predictable shooting performance.

Balanced Walnut Grip: The air reservoir is ingeniously placed within a stippled walnut grip, offering exceptional balance that enhances stability during aiming and shooting.

Anti-Flip Muzzle Brake: The barrel shroud incorporates slots that function as an anti-flip muzzle brake, minimizing muzzle rise and contributing to improved control during rapid-fire or successive shots.

Mounting Rail with Counterweight: A convenient mounting rail at the base of the shroud allows for the attachment of a supplied counterweight, ensuring perfect balance tailored to individual preferences.

Match-Type Trigger: The Alfa boasts a match-type trigger with multiple position and let-off adjustments, providing shooters with a customizable and comfortable trigger experience.

Dry-Fire Capability: Designed for effective training, the Alfa allows for ‘dry-firing,’ enabling users to practice without the need to discharge pellets, enhancing safety and convenience.

Competition-Grade Adjustable Sights: The pistol is equipped with fully adjustable competition sights, allowing shooters to fine-tune their aim for optimal accuracy in various shooting scenarios.

Extended Shot Capacity: The grip-housed compressed air reservoir offers over 80 recoilless shots from each recharge, making the Alfa a reliable choice for extended training sessions or club competitions without frequent interruptions for refilling.

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Weight .9 kg
Dimensions 430 mm


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